As the name suggests, a building designer designs buildings which can range from a family home to a multi-storey commercial complex.

BSA licensed building designers are recognised by the Queensland Government as professionals in this field.

As part of the Queensland Government’s program to protect consumers in the construction industry, building designers are licensed by the Building Services Authority (BSA).

Depending on their experience and licence classification, building designers can assist with the following:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Restoration
  • Residential
  • Renovation
  • Extension Work
  • Unit Development
  • In fact, any type of building project

Building designers can design you a building that is energy efficient and comfortable, provides value for money and is suitable for your specific needs. The design will take into account your lifestyle, budget, site conditions, potential resale and long term maintenance costs.

Your building designer not only designs your building but also can work with a team of other professionals to ensure that structural elements and other specialist matters combine with the aesthetics to produce a building which will look good but also will serve you well for years to come.

Your building designer will prepare your working drawings and can assemble all the other documents required for the necessary approvals and construction.

Your building designer can provide advice and assistance on town planning or other regulations relevant to your project. Some building designers will manage all your required approvals.

When engaging your building designer, you should always request a written contract which clearly explains the scope of work for your particular project.